Why Camp Canine?

Why us:

We’re dedicated to dog & cat owners who want the very best for their pets. All Camp Canine Counselors are animal lovers. We are here to provide a very safe, sanitary, and loving environment for your pets, and to ensure they are always in good hands. For peace of mind, there is a camp counselor on premises 24 hours a day.

Camp Canine’s air conditioned facilities for dogs & cats offer the most unique boarding with cageless daycare of its kind. Whether your dog likes to stretch their legs, sit on laps or just roll around with other dogs, we've got it. We are located in East Boca Raton (12,000 sq. ft.), Downtown Fort Lauderdale (15,575 sq. ft.), East Hollywood (9,000 sq. ft.) and Margate (10,500 sq. ft.).