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Why Do Dogs Hump? How to Stop Your Dog From Humping

What you can learn from this article:

  • The act of humping, also known as mounting, is a fully natural activity for dogs and is a combination of instinct and acquired behavior. But there are other 7 reasons that cause excessive dog humping.
  • You will know in which situations you need to pay more attention to your pet’s humping trends.
  • 5 practical ways to discover how to stop dogs from humping.

Reasons Why My Dog Humps

Veterinary professionals refer to humping as mounting behavior. This happens when a dog encircles another dog’s front legs before repeatedly pushing its pelvis (the humping motion). The goal of the climbing movement may occasionally be the back end of the other dog, but it may also be the head, side, or even a human.

Puppies between three and six weeks old frequently engage in mounting behavior, which is instinctual and normal, during play. Male and female puppies may mount one another.

Only when your dog jumps up on humans, dog humping another dog unnaturally, or when the humping is extreme does it turn into a behavior issue. Let’s go into the deeper explanations for 7 different reasons for dogs humping.


In fact, dogs who are close to the mating season may exhibit actions like humping and mounting. 

Reproductive issues in dogs might be the answer for dog humping.

Both intact males and females may hump in addition to exhibiting other behavioral changes such as the need to use the restroom more often, anxiety, whining and barking, and pacing. When humping is indeed driven by sexual desire, courting behaviors will also be present.


As long as it doesn’t offend one of the dogs, play humping may be entirely natural and acceptable behavior between two dogs. Some dogs hump just for fun. If one of the dogs appears to be upset by the humping, be careful to stop it. It could be helpful to train to lessen play humping’s frequency and intensity.


As a result of hormones and sexual desire, an intact dog that has not been spayed or neutered may hump other dogs. If both dogs are entire, they normally end up mating, thus if you don’t want that to happen, you need to keep intact dogs of the opposing sex apart.

An intact dog may occasionally hump a neutered or spayed dog. Females also hump, and it could or might not be for sexual reasons. A dog may be masturbating when it bumps into things or humans. 

Although getting your dog neutered or spayed may assist with the issue, you should be warned that some dogs may acquire the habit of humming before and after the procedure.


When dogs hump, they sometimes aren’t imitating mating activity. A dog is more prone to hump in response to nonsexual excitation. It only serves as a means for the dog to let off steam or decompress. Some dogs hump, while others sprint or leap. For many dogs, this is typical. 

“Why does my dog hump me” then seems to be acceptable to understand. If the activity is repeated, training could be helpful in getting your dog to use its surplus energy in a different way.

In a similar way, some dogs hump to attract attention or just because they’re bored. If so, giving them lots of activity, mental challenges, and attention might be beneficial when they are not humming.

Power Expression

Is dog mounting a sign of dominance? Partly it is. Dog humping each other is another way for them to express their social rank. To show dominance, some dogs may mount rivals, although this action is typically accompanied by additional social cues. 

The majority of social interactions between dogs may be had without one dog climbing the other. It is less likely to happen when the pet parent is present in a social setting. 

Medical Problems

You should point out any medical problems and avoid them for your dog’s hump before training it to stop. Although there are a few potential causes, humping is typically not connected to a medical problem.

Medical can be the reason why dogs hump things.

Humping can be brought on by priapism (persistent erection), skin allergies, and urinary tract infections.

Other actions resembling this include licking the vaginal region and rubbing against furniture or other items. Your veterinarian should be able to rule out any underlying medical issues that might be causing humping.


When stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline rise in your dog’s body, the dog may need to be soothed. Dogs who experience stress regularly may engage in obsessive displacement behaviors, such as humping.

When a dog is agitated, other behaviors might also manifest. Similar to how anxious humans can itch their heads or fiddle with their hair, worried dogs may engage in displacement behaviors. Dogs who are disoriented may yawn, sniff, scratch, and hump themselves excessively. 

When to Be Concerned About Dog Humping

Most dogs often engage in mounting, thrusting (humping), and masturbating. The manner in which dogs masturbate varies. They can target other animals, any objects like toys, dog beds, wadded-up blankets, and people. Dogs will occasionally lick themselves or touch people or items without climbing them.

Dog humping is a common sexual training ground for upcoming encounters, but there are occasions when it might be an indication of other, deeper problems. Check to see if there are any 4 actions below that you should be worried about.

Is Humping An Indication Of Boredom?

Boredom can make your dog hump things.

Perhaps your dog is just bored and needs more fun with you if she is lounging around or pacing before beginning to hum things.

Is Your Dog Anxious?

Both male and female dogs have been known to hump to ease stress. Small routine adjustments might occasionally cause a dog to feel uncomfortable, and each dog has a unique way of handling stress. As you work to acclimate your dog to the new schedule, try to identify any potential sources of your dog’s discomfort.

Has Your Dog Been Attempting To Scratch An Itch?

Humping and excessive genital licking might be symptoms of a skin allergy or urinary tract infection in your dog. The ASPCA advises scheduling a visit to the vet if you find your dog licking its behind, peeing frequently, having difficulty urinating, or exhibiting indications of dehydration in addition to the humping.

Has The Action Just Developed Into A Terrible Habit?

When all other potential causes have been checked out and you are still struggling to get above the “hump,” it might be time to enroll your dog in obedience classes. It may be necessary to experiment with a novel strategy, such as time-outs or group socializing training. 

Take your veterinarian’s recommendations for the best course of action if you and your doctor have ruled out medical causes for the humping.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Humping?

Of course, you don’t wish your dog to start humping your visitors. Additionally, you don’t want to hump to start a dog fight. Happily, humping can frequently be controlled by training.

Given the variety of causes of dog humping, it could take some trial and error to convince your dog to stop. Here are 5 best suggestions for minimizing humping behavior:

Socialize and Exercise

Doing so will help them learn how to play and interact with people in a suitable manner. If your dog’s humming is hormone-related, neutering them can help. Typically, this works better on males than on females.

Create a friendly society for your dogs.

Also, exercise is important for your dog to burn off any surplus energy.

Encourage, Redirect, and Distract

Typically, calling your dog by name is insufficient to cease humping activity. Instead, squeak a beloved toy, crack open a package of delectable goodies, or throw a beloved Frisbee close to your dog. If your dog changes their behavior, you may guide them to a brief training session using delectable treats or some time spent playing.

Catch Your Dog Off-Guard

In order to stop your dog from humming, you must first deal with the habit when it arises. Call your dog by name while uttering an “off” or “stop” word. Due to its frequent usage in speech, the word “no” is not optimal. Similarly, if your dog can lie down on demand, the word “down” can be unclear (or if you ever want to teach it).

Offer a Prize

Your dog may need to be distracted with a worthwhile treat if you are unable to attract its attention verbally. Anything that is really attractive, and amusing, such as a treat or a noisy toy. Every time the dog humps, repeatedly say “off” or “stop,” and then entice the dog to leave. After all, don’t forget to reward and praise your pet.

Get Professional Assistance

You might be able to get your dog to stop humping after a while. Some dogs, though, won’t give up so readily. If yours is one of them, you might want to work on the problem with the aid of a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist.

If not, you might need to accept that your dog will hump and steer clear of circumstances where it will be an issue. If things go as planned, you’ll need to learn how to anticipate the humping behavior and avoid it whenever you can. This is especially relevant if humping could result in a dogfight or a person getting hurt.

In Conclusion

Now you can understand “Why is my dog trying to hump me” but you should never discipline your dog for humming.

It’s a behavior that comes naturally to them, so they won’t know why you’re berating them. It might not be necessary to address it if it doesn’t upset you and doesn’t happen frequently. However, you might need to take action if it’s occurring frequently or is becoming a problem.

You might be able to get your dog to stop humping after a while. Some dogs, though, won’t give up so readily. If yours is one of them, you might want to work with the aid of a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist to find out the solutions for the typical problems “How to stop my dog from mounting other dogs” or “What does it mean when your dog humps you”.

If not, you might need to accept that your dog will hump and steer clear of circumstances where it will be an issue. If things go as planned, you’ll need to learn how to anticipate the humping behavior and avoid it whenever you can.

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